Competition: Specsavers go for gold


We all know that advertising for competitive companies need bright, initiate and diverse ideas to go far in that notoriously tight hierarchy to grow and stand out from other companies. The current market for eyecare is estimated at around £ 2 billion, bearing in mind that half being small independent companies. Two thirds of the adult population wear glasses or use them in day- to- day life. An ageing population centrally influencing the optic market. Nearly 90% of us will require corrective vision by the age of 60.  Relating closely to Henry Mintzberg’s five p’s strategy that we touched on in our lecture this was a clear step that the renowned Specsavers took to reveal values of opportunistic advertising.

This tactical move on press advertising by Specsavers in 2012 at the Olympics gained a big lead on other eye wear competitors certainly while viewers were glued to their screens.
They used their famous catchphrase “Should have gone to Specsavers” in Korean relating to the “mix up” by the Hampden officials showing the South Korean flag ahead of the South Korean Women’s football team.


This strategy was to gain opportunistic advertising and displayed their ad on different platforms including digital and print. That incorporated 10 different newspapers on next day release. Resulting into a raise in appointment bookings and beating other competitors such as vision express who didn’t release an ad until after the Olympics.

In 2014, Specsavers also reacted quickly to the footballer Luis Suarez biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in a world Cup match through a comical titter tactical ad. It was tweeted 30,000 times.3rd-pic-1-blog

We’re constantly on the look out for great Should’ve Gone to Specsavers moments and I’m always amazed at the speed with which our creative team are able to react to incidents like this. They’ve worked closely with the marketing department to make sure this hit the newsstands today.’– Richard Homes.


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