People and Skills-Media Migrants


There has been a vast amount of media coverage on the subject of immigrants, a lot of it negative and focused on numbers coming in to Europe. This took a dramatic turn with the death of the small child Alan Kurdi when the publication of pictures of his body on a beach in Turkey hit the press. It was at this point when editors and press realized the extent of human tradegy and loss within this surge of chaos.

“It is not just a lack of humanity on the news agenda or a matter of luck or a matter of caring more about some people at the expense of others. We need a broader lens to see what really is going on” – Jan Egeland, Refugee council.

Almost every media coverage of migrants includes a picture of women and children to pull emotional strings. However, 80% of migrants are male which having witnessed in France was surprising contrasting the divergence between the reality and media’s perspective on it.


I have examined different types of source used by the media and there is a huge contrast of terminology: “ migrant, refugee, illegal immigrant, asylum seekers” this to many the term migrants was not enough to describe the distress of humanity. It demonstrates that the way the UK media has reported about the immigration debate has changed and is becoming increasingly “dehumanised” by using certain terminology.

“Around the world, media coverage is often politically led with journalists following an agenda dominated by loose language and talk of invasion and swarms,” said Aidan White, EJN’s director. Perhaps this is a reason why many have been frustrated on the hot topic and cannot see through to many of the media’s reports.

Despite the enormous amount of media coverage on this matter of immigration there aren’t a lot of scholarly input or analysis. It is ultimately up to the individual to understand and react in their own way to this event.


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