Change- Sky high: UK advertising revenue dips

blog-3There has been a recent report on a rise in sky’s revenue, which surprisingly has rose by 5% despite the impact of Brexit. Sky also gains around a third of its business to countries such as Germany, Italy and Austria,which has a huge impact with the recent political movement. Brexit has hit a lot of companies hard however, for Sky they have seen an increase within the time that the shocking political scene changed.

Although advertising revenues are down by 3% within a result of Brexit, Sky profits posting increases. The decreasing viewers and expanding advertising demand has guided to some astronomical airtime increase, gaining 10% for ABC1 audiences and 15% for young target market groups. “Sky reported there increase to £11.3 billion in the last few months and pre-tax profit increased 6% to £1.2 billion’.

Sky has taken onboard this change and perhaps the reason for this increase of revenue is the result of using AdSmart systems to target household owners. Compared to their main competitor itv’s billing as a demand for advertising surging even as audiences decline. Compared to Sky its audience has grown and is taking a data-led strategy to upgrade ad revenues, which is resulting in an expansion financially.
The most successful platform for advertisement is TV, this is for any form of brand or company hence there is “category wars” whether its social media, supermarkets, clothing brands etc.


It added nearly one million sky customers in the UK taking the total to more than 12 million. Sky Media’s revenue increased 5 per cent to £510 million for the year. Chief executive Jeremy Darroch said that Brexit “doesn’t really change our thinking” in any aspect of Sky’s marketing strategy, because what do people do when they can’t go out to dinner and spend money? They stay in and watch evening television, which is why Brexit hasn’t managed to knock confidence out of the Media branches.


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