Sales, marketing and planning- John Lewis leads the Christmas spirit



John Lewis are notorious for their Christmas TV ad which draws in a high number of customers. Every year, the agency Adam& Eve must meet up to the high expectations of the public obsessed eye.

After a long silence in 2007 they broke their silence by releasing a heartfelt, emotional story that John Lewis this Christmas would help people find the perfect present for the people they love. Craig Inglis who was newly appointed customer director became more aware of the brand’s advertising. Thus in 2009 they made their hit debut. This effort helped rise Christmas period sales increase of 12.7% on the previous year.

Further development in advertising John Lewis was recognised by Inglis’ promotion to director of marketing. The strategy paid off and with their more imaginative and pulling heartstrings made a success online with 1m mark online and sales went up 9.3%.


This years ad takes a more light hearted approach of Buster the Boxer. The campaign has explored further into its technical and digital ability with having filters on Snap chat and Twitter. The new ad has already hit 28.5 million hit in 24 hrs. The brand has been mentioned 230,000 times on twitter compared to 103,000 last year with the ‘man on the moon’.In addition to the success of the video itself they have also sold over 1,000 Buster the boxer soft toys which cost £15 each and includes 10% donation to the wildlife trusts the charity supported the campaign.


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