HRM-You’re Hired not Fired


To succeed at everything from creative and innovative marketing to recruiting to benefits of talent and diversity it is not a walk in the park. Understanding what worldwide brands do to see how they can outsmart others and create a culture that people can excel in and be proud to be able to work there is crucial when it comes to HR.

Many advertising and marketing companies are looking for talented, creative and active individuals. But with the increasingly competitive and dynamic strategies have they been able to understand the most human capital strategies to have top employability rates.

heiniken-the-candidate-1The challenge for HR professionals today is living up to the high expectations that come with a seat at the table- expectations to drive business results through people and culture”- Bersin Harris
Not only is it about the companies’ strategy but also it’s attracting the right employees that suit the style
and ability of the job. Heineken released a internship as which advertises a fun and new way of attracting people.

Heineken revolves around the personality of their employees and they want these personalities to thrice. That’s the main message that had to come acrossikea in a way that stands out from all other HR campaigns”- Wefilm Lennart Verstegen

Having interned with a media advertising company in the summer, specifically working alongside the HR team there is more than just a good CV. I think that Lennart Verstegen hits the nail on the head when it comes to advertising and media roles within companies. It is crucial to be able to attract the right people for a specific brief. In this case it is a complex and alternative drive in the advertising and marketing industry.


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