Reputation- Top Trump


The branding and social media has led to some of the most surreal moments in recent political history, but in the political season it has been hard to keep their reputation when it comes to current affairs.

After the world waking up to another dissatisfied campaign from the US the ad industry wondered where it had all gone terribly wrong. As we spectated over the 5 months, Hillary Clinton outspent Donald Trump on advertising by nearly $100 million when it came down to the competitive campaigns.

So where did it all go wrong for the media strategy?

Trump was not the straight and narrow either when it cane to his media strategy and had the issue with a lack of ‘sophistication’ whereas for Clinton showed traditional emotional advertising. However the reliance on celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z- may have not been figures in favours of voters.


Taking into consideration her massive expenditures on advertising could have exacerbated those issues, President and CEO of Edelman comments: “In this election, it was seen as a way of trying to buy voters as opposed to earn their trust”. Trump, however was consistently involved in social channels trying to create as much buzz as possible. Trump’s relatively small ad spends and dependence on Twitter became hallmarks, resulting in his image as an authentic challenger voice. Unilever brand associates for Ben&Jerry’s released a light relief after the political rallies of the differentiating campaigns. As did the beer brand Corona play on the infamous building the wall having a jab at Trump days before the election.

Involving politics into ad campaigns is a difficult business and often hard to execute well.Their reputation is crucial but it is difficult to find a balance between finding a new but also effective way of making a campaign that works when involved with politics.


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