I decided to shape my blog to the industry of advertising and media specifically because I wanted to gain insight and more in depth knowledge of the sector, which has prepared me for my future in a career in this field.

Writing this blog has been stimulating as I am used to writing long essays which is a completely different process to this style and format of this task. Over the course of my blog I gained understanding and explain some key case studies in current affairs which links with my topic.

Of course, linking the lecture topics to the blog has been critical and has made my thinking more broad and analytical. The material in lectures has been beneficial not just for the blog but for an introduction to business awareness and has furthered my interest even more. It provides a original kind of work ethic for me, which has been very refreshing.

To conclude, this blog has made me more conscious of the business world and developing my skills that will apply to my transition into the workplace.


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